Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Favorite App?

RMS iPad Forum

Question: What is your favorite iPad App on the 8th Grade iPad? Does it help you with your studies? How does it help you?

 "Notability because you can draw and write and can change the paper to graph or lined paper."

"My favorite app on the 8th Grade iPad is Paper 53. This application is not only a drawing app, but great for note taking as well. There are many different colors to choose from, you can mix your own pallete, use a paintbrush and many many more things that you can not do with notability."

"Notability. It is an easy was to take notes and organize them. Also it is very helpful in sharing those notes via email or google drive."

"My favorite app is Notability. I use it for nearly everything and it's amazing to take notes with."

"My favorite app is google docs because I use it the most. It is used in all of my classes except in math of course."

"My favorite app is safari, Safari allows me to look deeper into what I am learning about, It also helps me find out more about our Silk Route Blogs we were working on in Social Studies."

"I really like notability because it is really useful to take notes with, and can also be used for drawing etc. In addition, I really like powerschool because it is really helpful to be able to see my grades pretty much whenever. Also Schoology is nice because it keeps everything organzied and all in one place. Finally, I really like MyHomework because it keeps me really organized and it's helpful because I can prioritize my HW. To conclude, all these apps help with my studies. (I also really like quizlet, it's super helpful)."

"Schoology because everything I do is on there. That and notabitity. That's usually all I use..."

"Notability is my favorite app because it makes it easy to take notes. It helps my a lot with my studies by giving me the ability to carry my notes to wherever I need them." 

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