Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Silk Route Children's Books

     This week 8th Graders in Ms. Davis’s Social Studies class have created digital books on the Silk Route using their school iPads and an app called Book Creator.  Book Creator is an easy way for students to combine text, pictures, and graphics to tell a story and create a final product that has the look and feel of a professionally published book. 

     Students have been studying the Silk Route in Social Studies for the past month or so and this assignment gives students a chance to demonstrate their understanding of the Silk Route and its role in the history of the world.  The books pull together students knowledge about the governments, economies, arts and literature, science and technology, education, religion and geography of the Silk Route. 

     Ms. Davis chose Book Creator as an app for this project because it’s fairly easy to use and can accommodate students of varying abilities and interests.  Students challenged with poor spelling, drawing or penmanship enjoy Book Creator’s layout and drawing tools to overcome some of these limitations.  Students who prefer to draw pictures to tell their story can make their drawings and take still shots with the camera on the iPad and insert them into their digital books

     All books will be made available for other students to view in the RMS Library and a few samples are included below.

Silk Route Sample #1 

Silk Route Sample #2

Silk Route Sample #3

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